We believe exceptional care is the product of one-on-one attention from an expert using advanced evaluation techniques and treatment plans tailored to each individual.   It is our top priority and the basis for everything we do. 

One-on-one attention, 100% of the time.  The best level of care happens when you develop a partnership with your therapist.  At our clinic you will be evaluated by a trained physical therapist and that same person guides you through the entirety of your time with us.

You have direct access to an experienced physical therapist.   There is no need to wait for a referral from your doctor.  For most issues, you can come directly to our clinic and begin receiving treatment immediately.  We are experts at evaluating musculo-skeletal problems, but our primary concern is your health.  So if the specific circumstances of your case require it, we can help facilitate appointments with other specialists based on our diagnosis.

We refuse to allow others to influence the type of care you receive.  Your treatment plan is customized for your specific needs and will not be influenced by third parties such as insurance companies.

Your time is valuable.  When you come to Penrose PT, you are the only patient receiving attention from your therapist.  You will not sit in a waiting room or a treatment room.  You will not spend time doing exercises you could do at home.  During your appointment, you will work one-on-one with your therapist so you get better, faster.

Your care should be accessible.  In many cases, we can come to your home, school, gym, or business, and treat you there.  If you have a situation hindering you from coming to our clinic, let us come to you.  Don’t let it keep you from receiving care.

We know you have a choice.  Our goal is to be your best option for physical therapy.  We believe our methods provide the best level of care.  We will partner with you on a treatment plan to get you back to work or play as quickly as possible.  When you need physical therapy, call us first, or ask your doctor to prescribe Penrose Physical Therapy.