You can expect our complete attention.  You will not sit in a waiting room or a treatment room.  During your appointment you will be the only patient receiving attention from your therapist.  Your therapist will listen to your concerns and the history of your problem.  Then you will receive a thorough examination of your problem including range of motion of the involved joint, mobility of the soft tissues, strength, and movement patterns that produce and alleviate pain.  Your therapist will then make a diagnosis and provide an explanation of the condition, prognosis and therapy plan.  Treatment will be provided at the first visit to help alleviate pain symptoms and improve function.  You will receive instruction on at-home exercises and self-treatment for you to perform until your next appointment.

Your treatment plan will be individually tailored.  At each appointment your therapist will assess the at-home exercises/self-treatment plans for effectiveness, compliance, and proper performance.  You will not spend valuable treatment time performing your exercises at the clinic.  Instead, your therapist will observe just enough repetitions to ensure you are performing the exercise/treatment correctly and to answer questions.  Your symptoms will be reassessed and manual therapy techniques will be applied to the joint or soft tissue to improve range of motion, promote healing, reduce inflammation, and improve function.  If appropriate, modalities may be used to aid in the decrease of inflammation or promotion of a healing response in the tissue.

Throughout your treatment program, your therapist will listen to your concerns, reassess your symptoms and evaluate the response to specific treatment methods.  At the end of each appointment, your therapist will review your progress, set new goals for the home exercise/self-treatment program and provide an appointment reminder for your next visit.