A New Approach

As a physical therapist my goal has always been to help my patients be healed and to return to their life as quickly as possible. Most traditional physical therapy settings, and health care settings in general, allow for healing, but do not allow the therapists, or doctors, enough time with each patient to see them get better fast. This is why I decided to take a different approach at Penrose Physical Therapy.

Have you ever been to your doctor only to wait 30 minutes past your appointment time in the lobby, and then be taken back to a room where a nurse takes a brief history, your vitals, and then leaves for another 30 minutes until the doctor comes in? How long does the doctor stay in the room? Five minutes, or 10 tops? Have you tried to ask questions, but he is walking out the door before you have the chance? Do you leave feeling like there is no way he really understood your problems? I hear this constantly. 

Have you ever wondered why this happens? The answer is not that your doctor doesn’t care about you. Your doctor wishes he could spend more time with you. He just can’t. Reimbursement from insurance companies is poor, so most doctors have to see as many patients as possible each hour in order to cover the costs of running an office (paying themselves and staff, building rent and other overhead costs). This also means that you are limited to only one problem per office visit. What happens if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic problems? You have to make multiple visits, wasting your time, because you have to wait.

In my experience, most physical therapy clinics do a good job of allowing their therapists to spend enough time with the patient at the evaluation to really get to know the problem and understand the complex nature of persons history.  But during subsequent visits therapists only spend about 15 minutes one on one with the patient. The other 45 minutes of the treatment is spent doing exercises independently or with some supervision from support staff/aides, and receiving treatments like ultrasound and electrical stimulation set up and performed by support staff/aides. This is also because of poor reimbursement for services. Therapists are required to meet productivity standards, on average 2.5 patients each hour, to cover their costs. They are also encouraged to provide the treatments that receive better reimbursement, or keep the cost of the visit as high as possible. On average you receive treatment 2-3 times per weeks for 5 weeks. 

At Penrose Physical Therapy my approach is different. I do not file insurance because I do not want my treatments to be influenced by reimbursement. By being able to spend the time necessary to truly understand your condition at every visit, I can assure you that you will get better faster than going to a traditional therapy setting. You will not wait for appointments, you will not spend time at your appointment performing repetitions of exercises you can perform at home, and you get my expertise one on one for the entirety of your appointment. You are paying for my expertise, not for support staff, front office staff, etc. You will be listened to. I will take the time necessary to fully understand how your injury or pain effects your life, and how it contributes to your other medical conditions. I will partner with you to ensure the highest quality of treatment so you see results each and every visit. Most treatment plans are only 1-2 times per week for 4 weeks. 

My goal is to help my patients get better, faster. That happens with personal expert care, delivered one on one, at every visit. If you want to know more about how Penrose Physical Therapy is different, please refer to the Insurance and Rates and FAQ pages on our website.

Kelley PenroseComment