Growing Pains

Your family is growing and whether you are a first time parent or a seasoned veteran of child rearing, parenting does not have to be a pain! Now I am talking about what happens to mom and dad, and grandparents, when a new baby is added to the family and the focus is on the child and their health. Often, we put our own health on the back burner, and before you know it, little aches and pains creep up on you. 

Moms deal with the largest number of physical issues beginning during pregnancy. This can range from joint laxity from hormone changes, sciatica, and back pain, to splitting of the abdominal muscles.  OUCH! After pregnancy, those pesky hormones continue to wreak havoc on your joints, your abdominals are overstretched and weak, and positioning for breastfeeding can lead to continued low back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain. And, believe it or not, peeing a little when you cough or sneeze after having a baby, and needing to get up every 3 hours to go to the bathroom at night are NOT normal! Alas, there is help! Physical therapy during and after pregnancy is a great way to prepare yourself for the challenges of labor and delivery, and help you to know what to expect after pregnancy and have a successful, non-painful, return to your pre-pregnancy self.

Dads, you are not exempt from these growing pains! Lack of sleep is a huge factor in a new parents life, and not getting those ZZZ's can cause increased release of cortisol ( the stress hormone that can increase your belly fat). And lets face it, adding a new family member is stressful. If you're not careful, your core strength can decrease making you more susceptible to back injuries from simple tasks like shoveling snow, or picking your child up out of their crib. Again, physical therapy can help! There are simple exercises you can perform without any equipment or going to the gym, to strengthen your core and reduce the risk of back injuries, as well as reduce stress levels.

Grandparents! It's your turn. I have had clients that became new grandparents and their goal was to be able to get onto the floor to play with their grand babies. This can be limited by knee pain, back pain, and being generally deconditioned. Don't miss out on playing with your grandkids. Physical therapy can help you stay youthful and healthy so you don't miss a single piggy back ride, can play catch in the back yard, and can have fun!

If you have experienced any of these growing pains, or want to avoid them, contact me today for an appointment. I will evaluate your specific problems and develop an individualized plan based on your goals. Don't miss a moment!

Kelley PenroseComment