Back to Basics

Life is complicated! Between being a wife, mother, homemaker, business owner and therapist, my time is stretched thin! It is difficult to be excellent at everything, and some days it feels like I am not excellent at anything.

Today though, I am focusing on getting back to basics. I began the day today tutoring a future PTA for her licensing board examination. Today was our first session, and I was nervous to make sure she was going to get out of our session something useful. I decided in planning the lesson that I should begin with the basics. They are the foundation for everything else. And, sometimes,  getting back to basics gives you the confidence you need to tackle the harder issues. 

After our tutoring session I was reflecting on how it went. Reviewing the basics is good for me as a physical therapist too! There are things I learned 15 years ago in therapy school that I don't use everyday and had forgotten about.  Recalling them is so important in diagnosing and treating patients. 

So today, dust off the cobwebs of the basics from the back of your mind. Focus on the simple truths that guide you through the complicated stuff of life. Be excellent at the simple things, and the harder, more complicated things won't be so hard or complicated! 

Kelley PenroseComment