World Physical Therapy Day

Today is World Physical Therapy Day! The World Confederation For Physical Therapy (WCPT) has designated Sept 8th every year as a day to recognize physical therapy and physical therapists around to world for their contributions to health and wellness worldwide. This year the theme is "Movement for Health." Physical Therapists all across the country are speaking about what they do to fulfill this in the lives of the people in their communities. 

Today I want to tell you about one of the things I do to promote "Movement for Health!" I love treating women, and pregnant women in particular. Sometimes during pregnancy it becomes too easy to think only about the health of the baby, and the mom gets neglected. "As long as the baby is healthy, then it is normal to have back pain, sciatica, stomach pain, headaches, etc..." And women are going through pregnancy suffering with pain, that can often be prevented, not knowing there is a better way. I offer pregnant women a different plan. One that allows them to take charge of their body during pregnancy in order to feel strong, prevent pain, and encourage a healthy mom and baby. 

The Penrose Physical Therapy Pregnancy Plan gives moms information about how their body changes during pregnancy (beyond "What to Expect when You're Expecting") and after delivery that makes it easy to understand why pain occurs and how to stop or ease that pain. Targeted exercise instruction for the pelvic floor and abdominals helps prevent issues such as incontinence and improves recovery following delivery. Modification of daily tasks and body mechanics training for the stage of pregnancy and postpartum  help keep you safe and protect your back and abdominal muscles from injury. Manual therapy techniques are applied to reduce edema in the ankles and feet, restore proper length of the muscles in the upper and lower back, reduce tension in the neck and shoulders.

Every pregnancy and every body is different. Time is given to answer your questions, the ones specific to you and your pregnancy and body. This is your pregnancy plan, designed to give you an individualized treatment program that allows you to have the best pregnancy for you, with a safe and quick recovery, so you can enjoy your healthy baby and feel good about the care you have given to yourself and child. 

This is only one way in which I help people through physical therapy. I can help you achieve your goals for health and fitness, or help you get back to work or play following an injury. Don't wait! Don't live with pain that limits you from living the life you want!  

Kelley PenroseComment