Top 4 Reasons to Massage the One You Love

1.) Reconnect: In today's tech driven communications we need to reconnect through human touch! Something happens when you touch another person. Your intentions toward that person are felt. That is why a wimpy handshake elicits such a negative response, and why a hug feels so good! What better way to show your sweetie you love them than to offer a quick massage! Massage also gives you time to talk about your day and open up the lines of communication. Set aside 10-15 minutes to really connect with your partner.

2.) Health: Massage helps to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and gives your immune system a boost. Tight or hard knots in muscles, usually found in the shoulders/neck, are caused when a an overused muscle pinches off the blood supply to that muscle decreasing the oxygen to that muscle and reduces its ability to heal.  Over time this irritates the cells and triggers inflammation, which leads to scar tissue formation and the hard crunchy and painful knots in your muscles.  Massage helps to warm up the tissue, bringing improved circulation and oxygen to the cells. It also helps to break down unwanted scar tissue and promotes healthy healing response. Massage also improves lymphatic drainage ( think swelling in the ankles late in the day) which helps to clear your system of toxins, leading to better health, and decreasing demand on your heart.

3.) Stress: Our hectic lives lead to increased production of the stress hormones cortisol, leads to increased belly fat, and adrenaline, that keeps our body in fight or flight mode. Long term over production of these hormones can lead to increased pain, increased appetite and stress eating, and decreased libido! YIKES! Massage not lonely benefits to receiver, in de-stressing, but also the giver. It's a win-win for everyone!

4)Receive: Most of us have a difficult time accepting that we need help every now and then, and we are so busy taking care of everyone else, that we forget to do something for ourselves. It is important to practice receiving and asking for help. Accepting a massage from your partner is a great way to practice receiving, and asking for a massage from your partner is a great step in acknowledging your need for help.  I recommend that couples trade nights in order to practice being the giver and the receiver. 

If you would like to learn more about massage technique, please attend one of our Couples Massage Workshops. Workshop dates are February 4th, 9th, and 11th at 6:30pm. Limit of 3 couples per class. Register today!

Kelley PenroseComment