6 Tips for a Great Massage


A great way to relax during the holidays is through a massage. If you don't wend to spend the money or time going to a professional, you and a partner can learn how to give a relaxing massage from home! Just follow these tips-

1. Use lotion: It's a simple trick that will improve the experience immeasurably. When you don't use lotion, your hands and fingers won't move as smoothly, making it more painful and less relaxing for your partner.

2. Don't push so hard! Use enough pressure to be able to feel the muscle moving, but not so much to hurt them or you. Apply more intense pressure when massaging with your whole hand than when you massage with your fingers.

3. Avoid bones and joints: Never push directly on the spine, it can lead to serious injury if done incorrectly, so leave that to the professionals. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on the ribs or shoulder blades, as those areas can be easily bruised or even broken.

4. Work on the shoulders: A lot of tension is carried in the shoulders, because our everyday actions cause our shoulders to become accustomed to tightening. Things like sitting at computers, carrying book-bags or purses, and even walking out into the cold can make your shoulders tense up, so make sure you spend time on them! Here are some great shoulder massaging techniques-

  • Grab both shoulders, and move your thumbs slowly downwards and then back up

  • Have your partner sit while you stand behind them. Place your forearms on their shoulders with your palms up, and use your body weight to press down on your forearms while rotating them towards their neck.

  • Have your partner lay flat on their stomach and roll a tennis ball over their shoulder blades and upper back. (make sure you're applying enough pressure!)

5. Spend time on their neck: Whether or not you realize it, your neck works hard to keep your head up all day. When you're staring at the tv, your computer, or even just walking, your neck is responsible for keeping your head up and forward all day! Try this technique to work out the tense muscles in the neck-

  • Place your palm on the back of their neck, thumb on one side and four fingers on the other. Slowly pull your hand toward the back of the neck, while squeezing your thumb and four fingers together.

6. Don't forget the scalp: Every time you chew, talk, or raise your eyebrows, you use your scalp muscles. You can't always feel the tension in your scalp, but I promise you'll feel relieved after a scalp massage. Here are a couple of great ways to massage the scalp-

  • Brace your thumbs near the back of the head, and rotate fingers in small circles, working your way from the front of the scalp to the back.

  • Position your thumbs at their hairline, and rub your fingers (gently!) over their temples and jaw

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