Lifestyle Diseases: Prevention with Physical Therapy

Lifestyle Diseases.png

Did you know that most diseases that lead to long term illness and death in the United States are preventable? These are known as lifestyle diseases and include heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Many are caused by choices we make and can therefore be prevented by lifestyle changes.

As a patient, you have control over the prevention of these lifestyle diseases. Your physical therapist is a wonderful resource to help you with health and wellness. Your physical therapist can aid in the prevention of these diseases.

Physical therapy is beneficial not only for the recovery from illness, injury or surgery, but also in helping you increase your overall health and wellness as well as your quality of life.

Three ways physical therapy can help prevent lifestyle diseases:

Recommend Lifestyle Changes

Your physical therapist is a trained expert in health and wellness. Your physical therapist will evaluate your current condition as well as your health goals and may offer recommendations to help you reach those goals.

These may include diet changes or implementing a new exercise regimen, both of which can help improve your health and aid in the prevention of long term disease.

Evaluate Risk Factors

Physical therapists have knowledge and experience to be able to recognize what factors may put you at risk for preventable lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Your physical therapist can help evaluate your risk factors for these diseases and implement a program that helps you know and understand what to do to prevent them.

Implementing An Exercise Program

One of the most important things you can do for your health to aid in the prevention of disease is exercising regularly. A physical therapist is one of the best healthcare providers to help you implement a new exercise program. Exercising has been shown over and over again to improve health and wellness. If you’re not sure how to safely start, a physical therapist can help.

If you want to get back on the path to health and wellness, and prevent lifestyle diseases, schedule and appointment with us today!