We believe that "our way" attention provides better care.  By following a fee-for-service payment model instead of an insurance-reimbursement model, we are able to provide you with individual attention from an expert whose only interest is to help you reach your goals in the most effective way.  We are not influenced by the amount of reimbursement we would receive from an insurance company for your treatment.  We only care about getting you better, faster!  We also do not believe in using aides to apply modalities (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, iontophoresis, etc.) when hands-on treatment would be more appropriate, and will not ask you to perform exercises in the clinic that can easily be performed at home.  This also allows you to experience faster results and, in most cases, actually saves you money over the course of your treatment program.

Depending on your type of insurance, you can still file for your own reimbursement.  Your insurance company should have forms available for you, and we will provide you with receipts and treatment codes for the services you receive.  We suggest you contact your insurance company to ask about reimbursement for “Out-of-Network Physical Therapy” services.