PPT Pregnancy Plan

Cost:  $80/ month


  • Full evaluation of the body to identify muscle imbalances, assessment of posture and body mechanics, and assessment of strength of the abdominal wall during your pregnancy.
  • Two visits per month during your pregnancy and 3 months post-pregnancy that include instruction/review/advancement of your home exercise program, a 30-minute massage, and time for you to have your questions answered.
  • A 50% discount on additional treatments throughout the pregnancy (at your discretion), for any pain that may arise as the result of pregnancy (back pain, neck pain, sciatica, etc…).
  • Educational binder including exercises, posture and body mechanics, hints and tips for a safe pregnancy and recovery. (see ‘Patient Education’)

During pregnancy:

  • Learn to identify where the muscles of the core and pelvis are located and how to contract and relax those muscle.
  • Learn correct posture and body mechanics for lifting, sleeping, and other daily tasks to protect the low back from injury and pain.
  • Learn about how your growing baby changes your body including hormonal changes, posture changes, balance/equilibrium changes, changes in blood volume, etc..
  • Learn a safe and effective strengthening/stretching program to perform during pregnancy to protect the back, prepare for labor and delivery, and to perform following birth.
  • Learn correct postures and holds for nursing/bottle feeding your baby.

After Pregnancy: 

  • Review of core and pelvic floor muscles and how to contract them after the birth as well as when it is safe to resume your exercise program from prior to your pregnancy.
  • Review of nursing/feeding postures with your baby to protect your neck and upper back.
  • Protection following cesarian section of the abdominal wall, low back, and reduction of scar tissue.
  • Caring for your episiotomy/tearing that may occur during birth.
  • Correct posture and body mechanics for carrying your baby, pushing a stroller, picking up toys from the floor, etc... to protect your spine and reduce injury.
  • Learn about how the body changes after pregnancy and return to your pre-pregnant form.
  • Learn about the bladder post pregnancy and developing good bladder habits.