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Some of our Favorites

Our patients are the BEST and our passion is helping each one live their healthiest life.
Below are a few of our favorite testimonials.

I have the BEST physical therapist in the world!! So proud and grateful to have Kelley Penrose as my PT and for her pursuing her dream and opening her own clinic!! Feeling better after 1 visit!! She is AMAZING!!!
— D. E.
This past year I broke my leg. I couldn’t walk or drive for an entire month. Not only did Kelley drive me to my orthopedic appointment the day my cast came off, she has been able to give focused and unique attention to my personal rehabilitation. She answers every question I’ve had about the rebuilding process of strength and mobility for learning to walk again from years of experience. During my appointments she asks questions, listens to hear where the issues lie and goes straight to work. Then she gives me tools to take home with me to work on. She’s professional, personable, an expert in her field. Oh, and did I mention her office is NOT in a hospital? No lines. No waiting room.
— J. H.
I was so thankful to meet Kelley. I have gone to the chiropractor and massage therapists for years and have found relief, but if I don’t continue my visits the pain comes back quickly. Kelley was able to accurately diagnose the problem, as well as give me practical at home exercises I could personally do that would continue the healing my body received through manual therapy. She was very accommodating in my needs both physically and financially. I am very thankful to have a PT that cares about my health!
— J. B.
I have chronic lower back pain (from a horrible mattress, I presume), and I would go to the chiropractor once or twice a year for as many visits as my insurance would allow to help alleviate the pain. What the chiropractor did in 6 or more sessions, Kelley did in 1 session at Penrose Physical Therapy. Plus I walked away with tools I could use to improve the problem instead of the standard protocol at the chiropractor which was always, “You need to stretch more.” Well, I stretch almost every day and that never alleviated the pain. When I met with Kelley, she said there was a good chance that I was actually “over-stretching.” Wow! Now, I am virtually pain free and go to PPT for general maintenance or to gain new tools and insights into my health. Thank you Penrose Physical Therapy. I highly recommend you to anyone!
— K. M.
My physical therapist is a angel, I promise if you’re suffering from any kind of neck pain, back pain, etc.. and can only find comfort with pain pills, you should really consider the more healthier route & actually fix the problem instead of just masking it, and call my PT, Kelley Penrose. She’s got my full support and testimony.
— H. R.
I just had a great experience with Kelley at Penrose Physical Therapy. I was amazed at how much her approach to physical therapy can help a person with no major injuries. I feel great knowing that I am already on the path to healthier living! If you have nagging injuries or discomfort I would highly recommend to go see Kelley!
— R. K.
Thank you Penrose Physical Therapy for helping me with an injury I had with my foot 10 years ago! (Yes I understand it’s silly to wait 10 years to get help with an injury) It’s been bothering me more and more lately and after meeting with Kelley Penrose, PT, TWICE, I have 15% more mobility AND seeing improvement in running/exercise! So excited to continue doing all the active things I love and it not hurting!
— B. G.