Meet our Wellness expert Iva, PTA

Iva is passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. As a licensed PTA with 12 years of experience and certifications in personal training, Graston Technique, and Stott Pilates, she can help you! If you want to run a marathon, recover your pre-baby body, or just maintain your ability to play with your grandkids, Iva would love to help you LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE!

Initial Assessment:  1 hour, $120
Follow-up Visits:  30-min each, $60


This program provides basic health information to a relatively healthy and uninjured person.  

If your goals include weight loss, improved flexibility, increased strength, reducing your risk of injury, improved posture or balance, or all of the above, we provide you the tools needed to achieve success.  

We also provide specific advice and customized exercises you can use to supplement your workout program or help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.

Program Specifics: 

During your first visit, we will perform a 30-minute Wellness Assessment that includes the following services:

  • Administer functional movement-based testing

  • Assessment of muscle strength to identify areas of weakness or imbalance

  • Assessment of joint and muscle mobility and flexibility

  • Blood pressure

  • Weight

  • Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Calculation of Target Heart Rate/Maximum Heart Rate

Following the session, (usually within 24 hours) we prepare a summary report of your assessment as well as suggestions for an initial exercise program that will address any areas of weakness, decreased flexibility, or imbalances identified during the assessment.

Follow-up Wellness Check-up Visits are at your discretion, and will include a re-evaluation of your on-going Wellness Program.  Your therapist will partner with you to help you achieve your goals!

Other Considerations:

Sometimes during a Wellness Assessment specific pain or injuries are identified that would benefit from a formal physical therapy program.  If this is the case, we will give you our initial diagnosis and discuss treatment options with you. At that time, we can schedule your initial evaluation, and we will also offer you the option to apply your wellness assessment fee toward the normal fee for a physical therapy evaluation.

Part of staying well includes regular physical exercise and healthy eating. We offer multiple fitness classes for all people of all ages and skill levels. Check out our fitness page to learn more or to register for a fitness class! Medical Nutrition Therapy teaches you how to use food as medicine and aids in reaching your health goals. Check out our blog for tips and tricks to get started today.