Outpatient Services

Initial evaluation ranges from $100 to $120.  This one-hour session includes:

  • Diagnosis
  • Development of a treatment plan
  • Immediate first treatment

There may also be a one-time fee of $10-15 for supplies to be used throughout your treatment program.  

Based on your individual treatment plan, the therapist will determine the frequency and amount of time needed for follow-up appointments.  Prices for follow-up treatment sessions will vary based on the treatment methods used by your therapist:

  • 30-minute appointments range from $50 to $65.
  • 45-minute appointments range from $75 to $90.
  • 60-min appointments range from $100 to $120.

During your initial evaluation and at each appointment, your therapist will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan for your personal situation so you will never be surprised by any charges.  Services provided will be itemized on your invoice.  This will help you to apply for insurance reimbursements should you choose to do so.

Military and Veteran's Discount
Active duty personnel and veterans always receive 50% off all services.  

Other Programs

Wellness Program - The Wellness Program begins with a 1-hour Wellness Assessment ($80) and follow-up Wellness Visits are $40 for each 30-minute appointment.  The frequency of these appointments depends on you!  Your therapist will suggest monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly appointments based on your individual goals for the program.

Pregnancy Plan - The initial pregnancy plan visit is $80.  During this visit, the therapist will perform an initial assessment, discuss your health goals during pregnancy (and after), and evaluate any risk factors that may be present.  You will receive a pregnancy plan notebook, an individual exercise plan and the therapist will provide an initial treatment.  The pregnancy plan continues throughout your pregnancy and for 3 months post-delivery.  It includes 2 visits per month (1-hour each) for $100 per month.