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Physical therapy is the art of unlocking the body’s potential to heal itself, creating a whole and healthy YOU. It encompasses rehabilitative, supportive, and preventative services to help YOU live YOUR best life. Our greatest wish is that your will LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE as we provide the tools and information you need.




Women’s Health

Women have some issues that are unique to them and deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and privacy. These may include pregnancy, pelvic pain, urinary stress and urge incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. Kelley Penrose, PT is specialized in treating women with these private issues and would love to speak to you about how she can help you.




Wellness & Fitness 

Following your prescribed physical therapy, we want to ensure your continued access to the tools required to progress on your wellness journey. Through periodic Wellness visits we can update your exercise program, identify muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns, assess your posture, and make sure you are achieving the life you desire through the activities you love.




 Nutrition Services

Meet with our registered dietician to develop an individualized nutrition plan that can restore gut function, assist with controlling autoimmune disease symptoms, identify food sensitivities, and reduce chronic systemic inflammation. While weight loss may occur as part of your program it is not the primary focus of your nutrition counseling.



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