Reflections On Our First Year

Yesterday Penrose Physical Therapy celebrated it's first birthday! We made it one whole year! And just like an infant grows and changes so much during the first year, we too have made some significant growth and change in this last year. 

1st Birthday.jpg

As I sit here and think about where we started, simply a long held dream to run my own practice, to where we are today, a dream realized and fully functioning, I can't help but think about all of the people that made this dream a reality! So, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us over the last year to make my dream come true. ( Hold on, this may sound like an oscar acceptance speech!) 

First, I want to thank the Lord for placing this dream in my heart long ago and the vision to see it through. Next, I want to thank my husband. Without his daily encouragement, love, and knowledge, I would not have had to courage to step out into the wide, previously unknown to me, world of small business ownership. Thank you for pushing me to follow my dream, and loving me through it all.  I obviously owe a huge thank you to all of our patients, without which I would not have this clinic. But, beyond being my patients, you have all become great friends and great promoters for me and physical therapy. Thank you for sending your friends and family members and truly making Penrose Physical Therapy your first choice for your healthcare needs!

I have learned so much in the last year; how to design a website, maintain a blog, develop marketing strategies and branding, etc... But, through it, have really defined the therapist I want to be, the type of clinic I want to have, and how it should be run. I never want the daily grind of owning a business or my bottom line to outweigh the joy I have when working with my clients to help them heal. That also means that treating my patients with my utmost respect and knowledge, and the time they deserve will always be my primary focus. It is what people deserve, and what I will strive to give them. I love what I do as physical therapist!

So, this brings me to our goals for the next year.

1) I want to be your favorite, friendly, neighborhood physical therapist! The person you see first when you're not feeling 100%. That may sound strange to you because in today's world, healthcare providers rarely have the time to spend 5 minutes with you. But, I am sure you have your favorite local car mechanic, your favorite local florist, your favorite vendor at the farmer's market... I want to be that for you and your family! Many people do not realize that physical therapy is more than just rehab after an injury. WE ARE THE EXPERTS when it comes to evaluating and treating you for everyday aches and pains that limit the activities you love, helping you to meet your health and fitness goals, and PREVENTING pain and other issues from reducing your quality of life. You might not see your family doctor for tension headaches, but I can help you eliminate them so you can come home from work and do the things you love!

2) I want to expand the clinic to better serve our clients. I love being in my home and the personal and comfortable experience I can give my patients. However, expanding into a storefront will allow us to heal even more people, expand hours, and expand our services and programs. I would love to have enough space to offer clinics and workshops to groups, bring in speakers to teach on subjects that our clients are interested in, and have more equipment for the use of our clients in maintaining their health and fitness goals. 

3) I want to give back to the community. I have personal and professional goals to assist the community through educational programs, sponsoring local organizations and charities and their events, and being an active and contributing mentor to other people wanting to follow their dreams.

So, to achieve these goals, I need your continued support. Be on the lookout for an upcoming survey on how we can improve our services for you, a referral drive and contest, and don't forget October is National Physical Therapy Month--we may have a party! 

Thank you again to everyone who has made out first year so great! And thank you in advance for making our second year even better than the first!

Kelley PenroseComment